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Had a disastrous experience with Peachtree this past couple of months. With a promise of 3 to 10 processing which extended to about 2 months my funds were to be disbursed by this weekend 5/13/16. I waited patiently until Friday afternoon, then when there was no monies and no communication from the.annuities rep I called and called persistently until finally I talked Marie who then bluntly stated that they had mistakenly accepted my account... Read more

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Ive had my settlement since I was a kid. I recently was laid off so I ran into troubling times. I called peachtree and was lowballed and felt totally helpless since I have no credit. They offered me 50k in exchange for 300k in payments. I eventually signed up after repeated calls and promises of money. It was not until I signed up I found this website and decided to call michael davis as reccomended by someone on this blog. He offered me a deal... Read more

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Mesh Implant Lawyer it Bertram and graph Read more

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I have submitted a claim they tell me what I wanted to hear but never followed up on the promisses made. They don't make calls to the attorneys well then how is the process being followed up on? They just send info out to attorney and just let it lay as long as it takes ? Not very good business if you can't follow up on info sent out. And no status given .

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Let me start by saying, this company is HORRIBLE! I started this process 10/5/ is 10/20/15. I have been told many lies, had to call many times and was given NO information on my case. The employees are LESS than helpful and rude. I had applied for a pre-settlement loan, after 15 days of phone calls, e-mails, and being treated rudely..they tell me I have been denied because I have unpaid medical bills. (Duh) That's why I'm involved in... Read more

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I've had my annuity since I turned 18 and as soon as I turned 18 I was hounded by calls from Peachtree settlement funding. Eventually being an 18 year old kid with money dangling in front of me I caved in. I soon found out that the offer Peachtree gave me was a really really low ball offer. They offered me 15,000 for over 60,000 of my monthly payments! I only found this out as I was contacted by a settlement broker named kyle who found my info... Read more

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My name is Antwaun C. Allen.. I received a settlement/annuity from an injury when I was 5 years old.. I Actually lost my life due to extreamly high levels of LEAD Poisoning by consumption, but I was revived, and successfully treated.. Details of my case are published in many law books.. I had won a case with my atternory as my Gardian, at the time because my mother was into drugs at that time.. Due to my injury I will have physical &... Read more

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I can't blame Peachtree Settlment funding,predatory - exploitation ? only if you choose to open the door,my mother did, not fully understanding what she was doing & in need of quick money.The bottom line is she gave PSF $120,000.00 for $46,000.00.I drove her to the hearing in 07 not knowing she was doing this amount of damage to a lump sum payment (future retirement/living money)At the hearing,I remember the judge asking the rep from PSF to... Read more

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Let me start by saying peachtree responded very quickly to our request but though out the whole process we were given the run around we were told many different lies we were extremely over charged but we really needed the money please if you are reading this know that this is the god honest truth if you can go with a different company please do so they or not a good company to deal with at all i wish i would have known this before we got so far... Read more

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